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Some one of non-asian decent who is highly confused and believes they were born into the wrong race and are truly asian. They obssess over the people, food, and language.
"Leslie is SO Asian Washed"
by Me! June 01, 2004
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One who is white, but is obsessed with asian culture.

(opposite of whitewashed, and similar to wigger in usage)
Dude, Micheal Stone is in the corner reading manga again, he's so asian-washed.
by tehbestevarlol May 04, 2006
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describes anyone who like asian-related things
He is so asian-washed; he's a master at Dance Dance Revolution, collects all kinds of anime movies, and only dates asian girls.
by blakcherri08 December 03, 2004
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A non-Asian guy or girl who hangsout with Asians all the times and acts Asian.
Asian-washed as suppose to white-washed.
A white/black/Latino/MiddleEastern guy who all his friends are Asian and drives a supped Honda civic and is into break dancing and techno music. They usually have Asian gf and some have spend a month or two in Asia. these guys are really into video games and might be into marshal arts too but they are usually not very good in either one.

Yo Tommy is hella Asian-Washed now. all he does is racing his Honda and hanging out with his new gf Kim.
by Barzizi August 28, 2008
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