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A word people who are old like me come to urbandictionary.com to define so they can point out how they were emo fans before most people looking at this site were in elementary school.
Old Person #1: Have you heard what people nowadays call 'emo'?

Old Person #2: Yeah its so weird. I woulda called them Green Day clones back in '92.

Old Person #1: Them was the days.

Old Person #2: Yeah. I'm gonna go make fun of emo on urbandictionary. People will think I'm an old creep in a young person's world.
by arrow_keys July 15, 2005

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A degree of coldness below about 40 degrees.
It's colder than a welldigger's ass outside.
by arrow_keys September 15, 2005

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Black folks' slang for to trim the hair around the upper neck area.
(Young black male walks into the house)
Mom: Son you need to clean yo kitchen
Son: Aight den I'll go to the babashop tamarra
by arrow_keys September 15, 2005

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An image or word(s) that a person or animal get permanently injected under their skin. Tattoos help identify lost or missing animals, like brands used to. On humans they are usually jokes, ugly, and they tend to identify the wearer as trailer trash. Hopefully, after a certain amount of time, the human regrets the tattoo and has it removed.
Me: Thank God my dog has a tattoo on her inner lip. She could have been unidentifiable at the pound and eventually euthanized.

Never Me in a Million Years: Why on earth did get this star tattoo back in 2003? It seemed so neat at the time. Bah.
by arrow_keys July 15, 2005

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Bands with "day"s in their name are an easy indicator: Taking Back Sunday, Saves the Day, Thursday. If it was the 80s these bands would have been heavy metal bands. If it was the 70s, they would be disco groups. They would have been Pearl Jam in the 1990s. They all sound the same. Snottyish vocals, poppy rythms, lyrics that admit to being loser-ish. They bear no resemblance to authentic emo groups like Rites of Spring, Moss Icon and Heroin.
What MTVmo group will they manufacture next?
by arrow_keys August 23, 2005

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An accusation or self-admission when it becomes apparent that someone you thought was attractive, after only seeing him or her from a distance, gets closer and you see that he or she is actually not attractive at all.
Me: Oh look at that hot chick over there.
You: Oh wow.
(She gets closer)
Me: Oh wait. Ugh. Gross call.
by arrow_keys September 09, 2005

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The dry condition black folks' skin gets in when they need some lotion.
Dayum I gettin all ashen. I need some Vasaline Intensive Care.
by arrow_keys September 14, 2005

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