Also pronounced "azay" or stretched as "asaay" or "azaay". Asay is a Ghanaian Fante pidgin word used by close friends for addressing each other. Originated primarily from Takoradi. Derived from the phrase "I say", but the sound changed to "asay" by frequent speaking, and it ended up being an informal jargon for close friends. Similar to "Jack" or "Joe" in America. Recently re-popularized nationwide in Ghana by the Fante Rap trend by the likes of Kofi Kinaata, Pappy Kojo, and Tee-Phlow.
Chale, the party flopped.
Oh asay.
by bruno_of_all_ppl February 21, 2019
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when yo dick is small and he his a gay homo who likes cock in there mouth all day and cum in his ear and piss in his eye and likes male booty and flat ass and fucks dogs.
you be asay bro!
by yoboi420blaZeWeEdgrowstayhigh February 27, 2018
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Someone who is very caring, but knows how to be mean when necessary. Also extremly strong and attractive.
"Damn! Who's the strong sexy specimen over there?"
"Oh, that's just Asai."
by jessica_simpnoson May 09, 2019
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noun. a mix between a duck, cow, and kangaroo. commonly found in the gage dormitory in Mankato, MN.
Mankato is home of the mighty asay.
by LindaCass May 02, 2006
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As Soon As I
Asai woke up from miraculously passing out, I came up with this thaught XD
by Nemesis_Centauri February 24, 2018
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Avantika Asai:- This Name Is Referred To A Female Human, And The Human Having This Name Is Mainly Admired For Her Beauty, Prettiness, Gorgeousness, Cuteness, Hotness, Sexiness, Innocence, Maturity And Her Wonderful Character...
Avantika Asai Is The Best Out Of All The Girls In The World But She Dosen't Think So Her Self...If Only She Was To Meet Herself One Day, Then She May Understand How 100% Damn Great She Is...
And She's Not Just Those Pretty Type Of Girls, She Is One Heck Of A Smart Person...

In Short Words, The Woman Every Guy Wants Or The Most Perfect Being On Earth...
Avantika Asai Is The Best!
by Factu Factu April 19, 2019
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