City in Blue Earth County in the U.S. state of Minnesota. Original name was actually "Mahkato," until some white dweeb misread it. Home of Minnesota Vikings summer training camp, the last remaining 40-foot Happy Chef statue, and the largest mass execution in U.S. history (December 26, 1862, 38 Dakota Native Americans hanged). Motto: "A Little Twin Cities, A Lot Minnesota." Named the 14th "most livable micropolitan in America."
I used to think Mankato was a big city.

Let's go to the Barmuda Triangle in Mankato!
by Kiki Faye January 22, 2009
A city in Blue Earth, Nicollet, and Le Sueur Countys, Minnesota, (Most of the city being in Blue Earth County. Mankato alone has a population of around 35,000, however, right across the Minnesota River is North Mankato, home to another 15,000 people. It is commonly nicknamed Kato
Mankato is in and around the Minnesota River Valley, and Mankato-North Mankato are commonly divided into 4 "Districts"
Lower Mankato- The Mankato part of the valley, oldest part of town.
Upper Mankato- Part of Mankato on top of the hill, home to stuff like the River Hills Mall and many other commercial stores and restaurants.

Lower North Mankato- The smaller side of the river
Upper North Mankato- Newest part of town
Mankato is home to several Colleges, including Minnesota State University Mankato and Bethany Lutheran College. Because of this, the city is often considered a college town and attracts many big name acts including Three Days Grace, Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot and The Harlem Globe Trotters. It is also home to a large music scene. It's home to the What's Up Lounge and the Verizon Wireless Center.
The two primary high schools are Mankato East and Mankato West.
In recent years, the city has become a refugee city for Somalian and Sudanese refugees.
Yo man, I'm heading down to Mankato. Gonna go to college, see Three Days Grace preform, get drunk with the mayor, chill with people from Somalia, and party it up
by Katotown December 13, 2010
Southern Minnesota town, misspelled Native American word meaning "Blue Skunk." Originially named Mahkato, meaning "Blue Earth" after the highly sought after blue clay found on the banks of the Minnesota River.
Mankato really smells like a Blue Skunk.
by bier-man March 16, 2009
general stonewall jackson founded mankato in approximately 1885, also, he fathered general custer and contrary to popular belief, the atom bomb did not expolde in hiroshima, the detonation was not a bomb but actually it was brett favre, throwing a football to the ground, yeah he throws the ball that hard
jobes brahh mankato all the wayyyy
by poopyiou February 23, 2011
A town that is way to small. A college town with parties.
Mankato is too boring!
by TeraRose322 October 15, 2008
A consummate professional who simultaneously acquires "milk" from at least one man and one woman. He strives for satisfaction of all parties through the use of hands, feet, mouth, or any other appendages/orifices. The Mankato Milkman is motivated by both Gaelic lore surrounding fairies and Minnesota customs. Although "Mankato Milkman" implies a male actor, the term can apply to individuals of all genders.
James is such a Mankato Milkman, they have been collecting the healing juices by jerking dick and squeezing teats for days.
by Officer Matt O'Brien November 6, 2021
A cesspool of jocks, douchebags, alcoholics and pretentious whores generally from the Twin Cities/Twin Cities area suburbs. Anyone can generally get in, as it has one of the lowest average ACT admission scores in the country. Mankato, while having little to offer as a city, also has one of the highest STD rates in the country. Aforementioned jocks, douchebags, alcoholics and whores generally accomplish nothing in their four years except minors, DUIs, and sub-2.0 GPAs.
"Hey brah, let's spend all of our money on shitty domestic beer to get shitfaced on a Tuesday night!" - Typical MSU Mankato student

"I REALLY want to date a guy who respects me and is ambitious." - Shallow MSU Mankato whore who sleeps around with alcoholics and convicts, yet pretends to want a "genuine" guy to save face.
by Sheep Counter September 16, 2009