A phenomenal fellow, with a chiseled jaw, marvelous brown eyes, beautiful hair, and virtually crystalline teeth. Generally highly intelligent, ambitious, perhaps an overachiever as well. Notably black as well, generally from Ghana. Kofi is astoundingly handsome, but frequently attempts to mask it by the clothing he wears, which may not be conventionally normal or attractive.
Male: "Does that happen to be a Kofi? That would be impossible!"

Female: "Oh, it's a Kofi. Isn't he simply dreamy?"
by Pyricles January 3, 2018
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Totally hot black guy with nice eyes and teeth, really smart and attractive too. Great in bed, and gorgeous to the CORE!!!
"Oh my God, did you see that guy?"

"He's a Kofi for sure!!! Ask him out!"
by Pyricles August 8, 2018
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Kofis are special. Usually Black, with perfect hair and impeccable grades, guaranteed to be successful, Helpful and will make a difference. Girls love him, though he is indecisive and doesn't like to commit too much. He'll always be present, working on something. Perfect teeth, hair, and eyes. He radiates an air of confidence, and cares more about others' feelings han his own, always taking he kindest approach.
Straight Male: "Yo Kofi! Wanna play soccer with us?"

Gay Male: "Kofi! You need anything?"

Straight female: "Hi Kofi! Nice shirt."

Gay female: "Hey, Kofi! Love that color!"
by bruh -_- October 30, 2020
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A man and boy in one body. Super strong, very aggressive, big dick, very big feet
Why would you want to fight Kofi?!
by Kingston 4231 March 18, 2017
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To do the Kofi is to play peacemaker during an argument between friends. Often the person doing the Kofi is drunk and incomprehensible creating confusion and chaos. Doing the Kofi at inappropriate times can result in a loss of teeth.
"but out man and stop trying to do the Kofi on us!"

Similar words or phrases include butt in, push your luck, stick your nose in where it doesn't belong, act like a wankpot.

The Boutros Boutros was too much of a mouthful and never gained much popularity.

by Option D July 18, 2008
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A beautiful smart girl with a big personality. She is very courageouse and knows how to be the ray of sunshine in someone’s life.She has big beautiful briwns eyes that light up the world .If you are freinds or more with a Kofi youare one of the luckiest people on the planet so treasure all of the time you have with Kofi.
The nicest peroson in the world is a Kofi!
by Xxx._.a smart person November 15, 2018
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a black child who is always underestimated; usually in height, abilities, or education

2) successful; rises above odds
What college did u get in
"I got into Harvard, i rele kofi'd my way to the top"
by 24kobeGOAT February 8, 2012
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