With the intended meaning of "according to", this is a popular nonsense phrase used by people trying to sound smart and technical. Since "per" means "according to", the "as" is superfluous.
As per the aforementioned affidavit, I'm a bit of a twat.
by Horace Bumblestein June 13, 2012
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the most popular name in the world! (just ask google!)
used by the norvegians, and the sweds.
hey Per, and Per, and you too Per, and you ofcourse Per.
by Steingrim November 6, 2005
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Per is a good guy with a big pp. All the girls love him and wants to suck him off
Girl: Have u seen Per´s big pp
Girl 2: Yes it all most touched the ground
by May 7, 2021
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As per is simply short for as per usual. Given that the phrase is so common in everyday usage, dropping the usual makes it much easier to say and is designed to be used in a non formal manner.
by therealdoogie February 7, 2011
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A cute child, usually a small boy, who seems to be "PERfect" in every aspect of life.
He is a Per because he excels in academics and sports, while maintaining that adorable look on his face.
by perforever June 6, 2011
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slang/ shortened version of "Period"
“Omg did you hear that Emma got a promotion?”
“No but per, good for her!”
by Bungerellaspecialist August 4, 2022
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An abbreviation for "personal". Used to explain to others your status involving outside heads on your blunt.

To "only roll pers", to have obtained enough weed to declare that you need a blunt all to yourself to be satisfied and/or have the power to do so.
"lets all throw down 2 grams for this next blizz"

"tell you what, you guys do that, ima roll a one eighth pers blunt"
by Ridgefields Finest October 26, 2007
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