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an obvious misspelling of the term of course, which would signify certainty. of course is always represented in two words.
Jeah dood, ofcourse i would hit that.
by manalishi July 28, 2006
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A perfectly valid way to write "of course" regardless of what those grammar Nazi oppressors or spellcheck may prescribe. It is shorthand for the phrase: "as a matter of course"

Since the meaning of 'ofcourse' does not direly follow from the individual words in "of course", and since "in the speech sound wave, one word runs into the next seamlessly; there are no little silences between spoken words the way there are white spaces between written words. We simply hallucinate word boundaries when we reach the edge of a stretch of sound that matches some entry in our mental dictionary" (quoting linguist Steven Pinker), it is only natural for many people to assume that 'ofcourse' is a single word.
The definition of the word, ofcourse, is obvious: naturally.
by acdenh June 03, 2016
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The “Of Course” refers to an unbelievable and unrealistic bounce primarily in the game of golf, but can be applied to almost any sport or activity. The “Of Course” shot should go out of bounds, in the water, a hazard, or somewhere unrealistic. Somehow this shot bounces in the fairway, green, or out of trouble into a fantastic lie. Every time this bounce, skip, or miracle happens your first reaction is “Of Course.”
Example: Gary is teeing of on a par three, hooks his shot into a tree, the ball then bounces into play off a rock near the water hazard, skips of the rock, and then ends up within two feet of the hole. This is a typical “Of Course” bounce.
by Dr. Chiefenstien December 11, 2013
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