when your toilet water spins your terd around in the bowl numerous times before swallowing it
hey dude whats up with your toilet? i almost got hypnotized watching it do a around the world.

that shitiot was all fucked up cause he got terd spun
by Notzkin August 28, 2007
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A type of party which commonly takes place in co-ops, dorms, fraternities, apartment complexes and other situations with a lot of people living together. Observed frequently at UT Austin (#1 PARTY SCHOOL) but known to occur elsewhere.

Each resident mixes up a big batch of a different kind of cocktail or shot, and the entire party moves together from room to room, stopping to have a round in each one. Often, people will decorate their stop according to a theme, or have games to play. A great way to really get to know your housemates and the source of the worst hangovers known to mankind (think mixing large quantities of every kind of cheap liquor and vast numbers of sugary mixers). Also known as "Liqu or Treat"
"Hey man, around the world party on Friday"
"BAD ASS. I'll clear Saturday, stock up on Chaser and bust out my dancin' shoes"
by Tuff Luff January 22, 2007
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A drinking game that goes as follows:
The contestant chugs a beer and has to run around the house/apartment building/party establishment and stops running once he/she touches the keg from which he chugged. The challenge is that ppl fill a beer bong for as long as you're gone, and then you drink what was filled upon touching the keg.
Oh man, this kid's gonna puke. He's going around the world.
by DirtyD March 10, 2005
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I know I know for sure
That life is beautiful around the world
I know I know its you
You say hello and then I say I do
by futuramafan March 07, 2008
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The most retarded and pointless techno song ever made that sticks in your head and takes over your life to the point where you commit suicide. Song is by Daft Punk. Lyrics contain "Around the World" repeatedly about 150 times.
Russell: Did you hear about Evan last night?
Chris: No, what happen?
Russell: He's been listening to around the world again.
Chris: Oh shit...
Russell: Yeah, he committed suicide last night. He couldn't take it.
Chris: Jesus christ, not again.
Russell: I know :(
by shmockey April 21, 2005
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