In it's simplest sense, a good old-fashioned "suck and fuck" (a blowjob followed by intercourse) usually an offering from a hooker
john: None of the fancy shit, bitch just give me a nice around the world!
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada December 19, 2008
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When you take a hit you dont exhale but you hold it til you get the bowl,pipe or bong. Then you exhale and take your secound hit....its like taking 2 hits in a row.May go on for as long as the pot burns.Also gets you more fucked up.
last night i did an around the world and got soo fucked up:)
by *E-rock* November 23, 2006
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When you lick from the top of the ass crack, down the ass crack, between the legs, and to the top of the dick or pussy.
Last night Bobby traveled around the world with his boyfriend.
by Derrick Lloyd June 06, 2007
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This is an oral-sex technique where a person starts at the toes of one foot of the partner and licks and sucks his or her way up and around the partner's entire body, pausing for special effort at any and all interesting places, anus, penis, vagina, clitoris, elbow, whatever turns you on, and finishes at the toes on the other foot. Hence 'around the world'.

All sort of variations are possible like having ice in the mouth or having mouthwash AND ice in the mouth ("fire and ice")! Yowser!

It is definitely not *just* oral-anal sex or oral-genital-anal sex as all the other editors here seem misguidedly to believe.
She started sucking on my toes and then went all the way "around the world"! Awesome!
by Shallowphil April 23, 2007
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When one person inserts one (or occasionally two) fingers into a partner's anus, then spinning the finger in a circular motion.
"My girlfriend won't give me an around the world, but rumor has it her best friend loves it"
by burning1 March 23, 2010
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A type of party which commonly takes place in co-ops, dorms, fraternities, apartment complexes and other situations with a lot of people living together. Observed frequently at UT Austin (#1 PARTY SCHOOL) but known to occur elsewhere.

Each resident mixes up a big batch of a different kind of cocktail or shot, and the entire party moves from room to room, stopping to have a round in each one. Often, people will decorate their stop according to a theme, or have games to play. A great way to really get to know your housemates and the source of the worst hangovers known to mankind (think mixing large quantities of every kind of cheap liquor and vast numbers of sugary mixers). Also known as "Liqu or Treat"
"Around the world party at our house on Friday!"
"BAD ASS. I'll clear Saturday, stock up on Chaser and bust out my dancing shoes."
by Tuff Luff January 19, 2007
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An often awkward but interesting sexual practice where the man lies on his back and without breaking contact with his penis...

A) ...the top partner rides him in a full circle facing all cardinal points (North, South, East and West).

B) ...the top partner remains totally spread-eagle while the bottom male pumps and slowly turns top 360 degrees around on his penis.

C)...the top partner remain in position while the bottom male rotates his entire body 360 degrees while stroking causing his penis to equally turn inside his partner.

D) Not as commonly known but equal to the definition: The bottom (receiving) partner lays faced-down while the top male rides in a full circle.

Lesbians generally perform this act with the use of a strap-on or a double-sided dildo.
Tom took me around the world last night and what a trip it was!
by Raivenne August 20, 2007
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