An arno (or how frequent visitors of the French Alps refer to it: 'arnootje') refers to the act of running, skiing or boarding into someone ánd blaming the victim.
Ouch, that hurt! He totally pulled an arnootje on me!
by pancakeshizzle February 05, 2016
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Arno is a guy with the biggest cock in the world, he can make a female moan louder than that one retard in call of duty voice chat.
The multiverse is an ant compared to Arno’s cock
by Hekbd November 17, 2020
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A very handsome senior moderator on the first Runescape-fansite, called RSC. He's very intelligent and he likes to eat sandwiches.
Wow dude, that was Arno!
by Arno RSC December 02, 2006
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A tall, very handsome, super strong masculine person with a fantastic build and a charming personality. Probably married to a wonderful, intelligent, business executive who is beautiful & very sexy & loaded with impecable charm.

by Arnie Wallace August 25, 2003
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Fuckin gogi. Likes to take up the ass.
Hey look at that gogi takin it up the ass
by fima June 08, 2004
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Contrary to Arno's delusional beliefs, he is NOT a master troller. On the contrary, this man engages in extremely low intelligence plots to attempt to fool others. Little does he know that his so-called "trolls" fail miserably 99% of the time, as the subject of his attempts only plays along because they feel bad about Arno's low mental capacity.

Upon completing his "trolls", he starts to spam "mad cuz trolled trollface" and "trolololo" to assert his "dominance".

Stay clear of this man if you value your mental health: Research has shown that when a person is exposed to Arno's high-frequency braincell loss, the person's own brain starts leaking braincells as well.

If you are worried of accidentally coming into contact with Arno The Troller, please consider purchasing the ArnoDetection™ Geiger Counter.
I saw in the news that Arno The Troller is in town, have you bought your ArnoDetection™ Geiger Counter yet?
by zilianthegreat February 10, 2021
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