Generally refers to a member of the homo sapiens species whose characteristics include a larger than 4 sized cranial region (typically 5) as well as an astonishingly large cockadoodle dingle.
Girl: Is that an Ashwin?

Anisha: No, he is too spicy and has more than a 4 head.
Girl: a 5-head?
Anisha: Yeah, likely an Arno
by cockadoodle dingle October 26, 2022
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German for eagle not a name for your stuffed animal penguin.
by Famusa September 1, 2015
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An arno (or how frequent visitors of the French Alps refer to it: 'arnootje') refers to the act of running, skiing or boarding into someone ánd blaming the victim.
Ouch, that hurt! He totally pulled an arnootje on me!
by pancakeshizzle February 5, 2016
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Someone with the biggest cock in the world, and can make a female in your family moan louder than that one retard in call of duty voice chat.
The multiverse is an ant compared to Arno’s cock
by Darklord 16 November 17, 2020
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This name actually does not exist and never has.
Imposter - "Hey arno"
Crewmate - "Whats is an arno"
Imposter - "that's so sussy baka"

Therefore, due to the calculation done above, arno does not exist.
by The Best Kind of Lucas April 6, 2022
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