Will not be afraid to shoot you into the inky black void of space because red said you were near the body even though you reported it.
Red: He's the impostor! He was near the body!
You: It's not me! I reported the body!
Crewmate: I trust Red, by impostor!
by PixelCreator957 September 21, 2020
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A friendly, sometimes stupid space man whose skeleton is made of a singular bone.
The Crewmate was wrong and accidentally voted out another crew member.
by A Mongoose November 19, 2020
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The good guys in Among Us. Is vulnerable to Impostors. Calls emergency meetings whenever they feel like it.
Damn it! CREWMATE AGAIN! *God when can I be the impostor* *oh wait I'm already dead*
by GuyOfUD September 18, 2020
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Crewmate is a role in Among Us where you are Normal Astronauts trying to solve who the imposter is.
There is 1 imposter among us
~Among Us
by Red Sus September 17, 2020
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That innocent dude that was ejected by the imposters both said that a crewmate is sus.
Crewmate: I didn't kill, I was in electrical
Imposters: The body is in electrical
by Authentic1337 October 15, 2020
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When one sees every day objects or images as characters from the popular video game "Among us"
"The trash can looks sus"
"I think you have crewmate syndrome."
by The DMC March 11, 2021
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