Thank god it was Saturday; Mike woke me up with such a cockadoodle, we made love all morning!
by claudel October 3, 2009
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This is when a woman is awakened by either her husband or boyfriend's cock in her mouth. The act of cockadoodle dooing is usually accompanied by the man yelling " COCKADOODLE DOO! " immediately proceeding cock insertion.
My girlfriend was pissed this morning after she had been cockadoodle dooed.
by King Cobra 31 December 4, 2011
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A fine girl that you think about being intimate with ALL the time but the negatives of doing so could far out weigh the positives.
ie; venereal disease, best friends wife, your boss, midget, reputation for being a clingy psycho, convicted violent felon, under-age, fat, it could break up the band.
I think I could have fucked my bosses 17 year old daughter but she is a cockadoodle-don't!
by Dill-pickle October 22, 2008
The extreme & bizarre sexual act, where your girlfriend takes a good mouthful, and implodes, spraying semen-like dandruff everywhere. She then pulls on her nipples, and ties a noose and your neck with them, virtually hanging you. She them pulls her legs around your neck, reviving you. She then wrenches her thighs back, exploding pubic hair up your nostril. She then leans back and ends the whole thing off by making a limmerick about Amanda Vanstone and a giant lemon. If you haven't reached some form of orgasm by now, you're impotent.
"Yeah, that's what they all say."
by Alex Quantashassle May 28, 2005
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When a male see's a pleasant and arousing sight and their noodle becomes excited and goes crazy. And needs to tame the wild-ness of his excitement. Other wise will be left with blue balls. Which isnt nice for a female to do.
Joe: Dude check out that hot chick.
Boe: Yeah man her tits are fucking HUGE.
Joe: She sure as hell would make my Noodle Cockadoodle.
Boe: Effing ay
by Due Joe October 18, 2007
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