In movies, it means that in difference to the rated version, this version of the movie was not screened by the MPAA, or similar.

Usually, sexual or violent scenes are cut out in the rated version.
Gee, I love this unrated version of this movie, you can actually see the flesh on that girl!
by zacon December 10, 2005
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on the front of movies like American pie and movies about college or high school boys trying to lose their virginity or anything like that. Is a code for "there will be a lot of boobs in this movie but no one will think you're a perv if you buy this so it's ok"
Get it UNRATED on DVD! With everything we COULDN'T show in theaters
by JiveTurkeyXcorre February 8, 2010
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Not quite rational but not entirely irrational
I'm unrational , hypocritical, kinda pitiful; come on girl stick with me.
by Malgal February 26, 2016
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A sweaty loser who tries very hard to win unrated Valorant games while sucks at rated.
Bro BRAXTON is such an unrated warrior, why can't you drop kills in ranked?
by gnsleeping May 6, 2021
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Actively avoiding a situation in which in the past you were a regular member and participant. Particularly in social occasions such as playing games with friends.
"We're one person short what's going on?"

"Oh Joe is playing an unrated"
by BigMonkeyFan April 11, 2021
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Corner camping Gary. With a backpack full of stuns.
Unrational is in the corner in that building.
by Chazzledazzle89 January 28, 2023
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