To wank off a homless man with a handfull of apricot jam.
"did you hear? Sally gave that hobo an Apricot Jimmy for half a sandwich!
by MadHa77er November 2, 2021
Acronym: A.P.R.I.C.O.T

An assessment used to determine whether an individual is suitable for a relationship or not.

A: Appearance

-Strictly looks. Is said person attractive to you the assessor?
P: Personality

-Does this person offer good qualities/ character?
R: Relations

-Take friends, family, and associated people into consideration.
I: Intelligence

-Can this person preform every day activities?
C: Communications

-Can you actively express your emotions, thoughts, and qualms with this person?
T: Technicalities

-Any unique variable in their life that could make or break your relationship with this person.
"Hey bro, how is that girl you were mac'n on the other day?"

"not good, she didn't score well on the APRICOT test, so I cant wife that up."
by Nighthawk&crew December 25, 2017
Calling someone a dirty apricotis a questionable insult but it’s a bloody good one if you ask me, it automatically puts ur opponent into shame making them feel sorry for themselves because no body else could give a fuck as their a dirty apricot.
by Paige the Bogan April 11, 2019
A dance move in which a person does the Macarena but instead of turning to the side at the end, they continue shaking their ass until the end of the next Macarena. They then perform the Macarena backwards and shake their ass until the end of the next Macarena. They repeat this throughout the entire song.

*Does Macarena normally*
*Shakes ass until then end of the next line*
*Does the current line backwards*
*Shake add until the end of the next line*
*Repeat through the whole song*
Sarah: Is she doing the Macarena?
Tina: No she's doing the Apricot you uncultured fruitcake!
by AFrickingRayOfSunshine December 24, 2019
someone whom is about to end their life
*in bio*

‘apricot jam’
*translates to*
‘i’m hurt and am thinking of taking a long sleep
by apricots April 19, 2021