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Jack: Can I have an aple
Ben: Did you spell apple wrong
Jack: oops autocorrect man
Ben: How?? We’re talking in real life
Jack: *wipes forehead
Ben: Bro don’t touch my forehead
Jack: Can I still have that aple
Ben: What the hell bro just spell APPLE
Jack: Just Relacts man
Ben: RELAX, this isn’t possible
by Levi Mation YT July 24, 2019
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You just misspelled apple. Its apple not aple. What's wrong with you? You need to go back to school. Maybe you can bring an apple
-What's your favorite fruit?
-Oh, I like aples .
-Did you just spell apples with one p?
-Oh shoot. Autocorrect.

-Seriously Johnny! You expect me to believe that autocorrect make you spell it wrong?
-Fred and George made it.Shut up Jim.
by SwankifiedPotter October 01, 2019
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