collective noun for a large gathering of Mac laptops. Derived from the Apple logo on the lid of PowerBooks, MacBook Pros etc.
"Check out this orchard?!" Exclamation by munted and confused individual who has stumbled into a tent full of Mac laptop-equipped electronic musicians at a music festival.

"I'm heading back to the orchard." Absurdly overpaid advertising executive dragging himself to his feet after his 4th lunchtime martini and indicating he is going to return to the office.
by ColF July 6, 2006
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An Orchard is a beautiful girl, she always makes you laugh even on your worst days. But she is sometimes a bit of a sket, she can be a bitchy snake and ott about everything, she quite often flirts with your boyfriend and calls every boy fit. She is quite short and thinks she has a hour glass figure but she’s flat and straight like paper.
Orchard can be such a bitch!
But shes alright
#flat #straight #bitch #snake #rude
by bichhh12345 April 4, 2018
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My buddy Carl sneezed on a 5-0 in Brownsville and bought himself a one-way ticket to the bone orchard.
by mammagammaonrepeat November 22, 2014
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Shopping Complex in Singapore, not faned for its shops, but know locally as "four floors of whores"
Lets take Mr B to OT
by BigDipper November 2, 2003
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Small, rural town in Washington state. Known for its meth addicts and notable lack of an orchard, this little town is located near the Bremerton Navy Base, and is home to HIJOY bowl, the only local entertainment.
"Wanna do something in Port Orchard?"
"Nah, man, I hate boweling".
by Sidney Road April 21, 2008
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A town south of Buffalo, NY that is notorious for producing rich kids who pretend that their lives are difficult. It has three country clubs within three miles each other. Orchard Parkers typically dress in anything Ralph Lauren or Lacoste. You must own several pairs of madras shorts, a couple pairs of Sperrys, at least a few pairs of Uggs, and have a different pastel shirt for every day of the month to live in Orchard Park. If you are a Democrat, move.
Guy 1:"Hey, do you think I should get this South Pole shirt?"
Guy 2:" Why the hell would you buy that? You're from Orchard Park, not the ghetto."
by cccaroo. January 20, 2011
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