To go to a roof of a building (usually parking lot) and look at all the thingns around and the small, ant-like, people below.
Yo yo come Anting with me tmrw broski
by georgetheboi420 March 10, 2018
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anagram for aint not thang.
facebook post
hashtag post

smh - Shake my head
ftw - For the Win
ant - Aint no thang
by Cornielious Wallace January 14, 2013
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`AnT is an online player whom is hated by many,he likes to go around posting stupid .Gifs and starting flame wars, he is also a blatent scammer, if you see him on mIRC be sure to try ddos him and have unneccesary flame directed towards him
by `AnT April 26, 2009
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stands for "aint no thang" meaning its not a big deal. usually used when joking around with friends.
yeah i just climbed up a mountain all by myself, ANT
by shannondeezy December 03, 2010
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(n.) Someone who has no charm, and is a perfect worker. Works for shit money in any job and never complains. Charactorless and un-noticed. Most of you, then.
You and your ant family are mine.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 07, 2004
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Come ear' mufucca! Ante up, I want all yo shit, or I'ma blast you wit da heat.
by aswad May 17, 2003
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