The name Ante comes from Croatia and is one of the most beautiful names I could think of atm.
A boy called Ante must be the boy who makes your stommach being full of butterflies.

Ante is the boy you will fall in love with and you will start falling so damn hard for him.

Ante is attractive, he is so god damn hot, he is such a handsome young man. Ante is as beautiful from the outside as he is from the inside. He‘s got a heart full of gold, he‘s loyal, kind, honest and caring. Ante is a smartie, he‘s so clever.
Ante is the boy every girl will wish for.
Having Ante in your life is so fullfilling, he is a pure enrichment in your life that might be a mess sometimes.
You can do everything with him and nothing as well and you will have a great, no perfect, time. You should be grateful to spend time with Ante.

If you have an Ante in your life, you can call you lucky. Ante is to keep, he is to be loved hard and true. If you have an Ante in your life your life will gain in depth. Keep him and never let him go. You just got to love him bc what else can you do?
„Oh you got a bf? What‘s his name?“
-„yes man! He‘s called Ante! He‘s the one everyone should have in ones life but oh damn I dont want to share my boy!“
by sassygirlcalledlena June 13, 2018
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1. "Up the level", "Make it better" or "Step up your game".

2. to "Get Ready"
1. (in a club) DJ: "Lets up the ante in this bitch" **DJ turns up the volume**

"I'm about to up the ante"

2. "Yo, nigga, ante up! we bout' to merk that fool."
by XqUiSiT3 November 30, 2005
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Ante is a name originated from Croatia, Slovania, Bosnia and Hrzegovina and Yugoslavia that mean's Anthony in english.
My best friend comes from Croatia, his name is Ante.
by Anthony July 5, 2004
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to put one and ones friends money together so that they can purchase an item.
yo bitch, if you want some crack; you best ante up
by jack March 10, 2003
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Best footballer at his age,plays fortnite very well and is short.Also no money but he is kind
Yoo we need a goal. Call Ante and he will save the day
by Lozoshort May 9, 2019
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Come ear' mufucca! Ante up, I want all yo shit, or I'ma blast you wit da heat.
by aswad May 18, 2003
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Man 1: Hey! Ante!
Man 2: fuck you to!
by Sa cat May 9, 2017
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