An ant is not as big as an elephant though it has more legs and both are considered intelligent.
If an elephant trod on an ant, the ant would become non-existent. I hope you do not consider this irrelevant.

by Jonathan FeBland (Znethru) October 06, 2006
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another name for a series disease. when we get this, we will have to live in a CDC tent in Kori's room. while her uncle throws biscuits at us through the door!
AHH! I have ants!
by Xena1494 November 25, 2009
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six-legged little creatures that are fun to torture and kill in creative ways (like decapitating them with an electric razor), and if you don't they will come in your house and steal your food and run you out.
My bathroom is full of the corpses of ants who tried to take my toothpaste.
by cmkrcs1 December 04, 2004
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Fictional character in the Masonized version of 99 Red Balloons from the 1980s rock and roll band Nena. Lyrics by Kevin McAlea and Mason Thorne. Performed live at the 'Rickets in 2018.
First recorded use: "Me and 'Ants in a little toy shop, bought a bag of baloons with the money we got." 2018, from lyrics by Kevin McAlea and Mason Thorne.
by phloid December 24, 2018
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to put one and ones friends money together so that they can purchase an item.
yo bitch, if you want some crack; you best ante up
by jack March 09, 2003
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American Comedian who rose to prominece on Last Comic Standing. He is the host of Vh1's Celebrity Fit Club. In 2008 he co-hosted ABC's Wanna Bet.
ANT has a new series on the Logo network called The U.S of ANT.
by Brenderrrrrrrrr December 18, 2008
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Best footballer at his age,plays fortnite very well and is short.Also no money but he is kind
Yoo we need a goal. Call Ante and he will save the day
by Lozoshort May 09, 2019
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