When something, anything happens: the ants😑🐜 In other words a facial expression of 😑🐜 as a consequence of something happening
Throw this piece of fruit away it has ants all over it. The ants:😑🐜
by Tatemckennalia September 08, 2019
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Amount of money or chips that each player puts into the pot before the cards are dealt.
Bruce Lee: How much is the ante for this game?
Jose Contreras: 100 bucks or your left testicle... your choice.
by benny b from the bronx February 21, 2005
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something that’s so bad it’s funny. originated on tiktok
omg that vid had the ants
by geeeeeeeeeeeeeeee September 09, 2019
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A smoothe talking attractive man. One who knows exactly what to do and say to make you feel good and wanted all at the same time. He's sexy and his touch can make you tremble. He isn't always as good as he seems though, just remember even salt looks like sugar at first glance.
He's really amazing but I know it won't end well, he's an ant.
by Driftergypsy November 20, 2016
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When something has become afflicted by the effects of ants, be it covered with, eaten by, or even turned into an ant.
I left out my meatball on the counter and now it's anted
by diqhed October 23, 2020
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the antisocial behavior of an introvert at a party by staying out of the way and making themselves as small as possible, with the occasional trip to raid the snack table.
The tactic is similar to guerrilla warfare or a hit and run
Teddy: I know you invited him because you were polite, but all he's been doing is anting the punch bowl
by Flying starfruit August 09, 2016
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