6 definitions by Flying starfruit

The idea that if you were to take any animals name, add "-ing" to the end of it, and Google the result, it will definitely be a term on urban dictionary.
dogging, peacocking, spidering, armadilloing, even cating, are all examples of common to obscure animutisms
by Flying starfruit August 7, 2016
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the antisocial behavior of an introvert at a party by staying out of the way and making themselves as small as possible, with the occasional trip to raid the snack table.
The tactic is similar to guerrilla warfare or a hit and run
Teddy: I know you invited him because you were polite, but all he's been doing is anting the punch bowl
by Flying starfruit August 9, 2016
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A seemingly slow college bro with a surprising amount of knowledge stored inside him. He doesn't acknowledge it, but brings it up when he feels that it's necessary.
Chad: yo that party was like, totally radical!

Adam: dude, doesn't that word have, like, negative connotations? If you're talking about a political party then that scentence could really be interpreted the wrong way, man.

Chad: wtf? You're such a book bro, man.
by Flying starfruit August 1, 2016
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Changing something, particularly within a group of people, that affects everyone. This change can be seen as uncomfortable or different, and will not go unnoticed, however small it is.
When Evan pulled the lunch table forward, if only a few inches, he had fenged up the shui for everyone sitting at it.

Emily: Stop fenging up the shui by trying to switch us to 2% milk!
by Flying starfruit August 3, 2016
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realizing you have to get rid of something you haven't used in ages, and finding an excuse to use it so you keep it longer.
Jimmy developed a sense of forced nostalgia for his tonka trucks when he realized his parents were going to sell them in a yard sale.
by Flying starfruit August 2, 2016
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Subconsciously drinking water at a restaurant while the waiter refills the glass, resulting in a continuous need to use the bathroom throughout the meal.

This is most often seen in nervous people on first dates
Joe: I drank so much water before she arrived! And when she did, I had to leave to go to the bathroom four times during dinner! She probably thinks I'm so weird...

Steve: don't worry man, you were just suffering from the restaurant effect. It could have happened to anyone!
by Flying starfruit July 30, 2016
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