3 definitions by mQrZ

Thinks they’re cool but they’re rlly not XD. Probably wears a lotta lip gloss and is short, likely a thot and has at least 1 boyfriend. It’s a code name when you don’t wanna offend anyone so you can talk trash about them.
Hey, you see that Jenisa over there? What a thot.
by mQrZ September 18, 2019
Pronounced mem - a - sap - Practically just a word to call out quietly, or to the extent where the person you’re trying to talk to can hear you. meaning : Meet me as soon as possible in our usual spot. You can use it anytime to anyone (if they know what it means, ofc.
Sammy: Hey. Memasap.
Taylor: Aight.
by mQrZ September 18, 2019
The ants is basically a tiktok trend where some girl was eating a fruit with ants and the video said “the ants 😡🐜” and now it’s practically a useless meme going around.
Hey, you know about the ants, jimmy? Yeah, the ants 😡🐜.
by mQrZ September 18, 2019