Anorexia Nervosa (AN) essentially refers to a mental illness affecting both genders, but primarily females, whereby an individual has irregular perceptions of their body image. This causes them to develop extreme trepidation at the prospect of weight gain, dieting, starving themself, frequent exercise and calorie counting which subsequentally gives them what is known as emaciation. It requires inordinate amounts of mental and physical concentration and efforts if one wishes to conquer it, although they never really "conquer" it as it is still in them somewhere. Similarly, people with this eating disorder tend to have a very low body mass index (bmi), usually 16 or lower to the point where they may need a feeding tube. If it gets to the point where it gets below fifteen, without serious treatment, the patient will die, at least it is very feasible!
My friend is suffering from the eating disorder, Anorexia Nervosa.
by Brookie_Bear May 4, 2015
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An eating disorder (and a serious disease) that can either cause death, lasting symptoms or - if you're extremely lucky - nothing whatsoever. Anorexia Nervosa is the disease in which the person with it limits their eating, exercises too often, and the like. It, however, does not consist of binging and purging (e.g. eating a huge meal then puking it up later.). This is called bulimia.

Holy crap, people, get it right. Learn the difference between these two, because they are extremely different.

Also, both of these diseases are extremely hard to "shake off" or get rid of. Even after two years of being "normal" I still have some symptoms, and I still think I'm fat at times, even though it has been two years, almost three, since I had stopped.
The anorexia nervosa caused the girl to go from ninety pounds to eighty in only a few weeks.
by x0prettierthanyou0x April 14, 2007
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1.)A disease in which a person (any age, race gender) of restricting one's self from food, love ,needs, life, etc.

2.)A death sentance.


4.)Often confused with Bulimia Nervosa.
Juliet has had Anorexia nervosa sense she was 8. She has nothing to live for, her bones are like that of an old woman. My guess is she will be dead next year.
by laura loser September 4, 2008
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A serious eating disorder that people (mostly girls but it can happen to guys too) get because they feel that they are too "fat" when usually they're at a healthy, normal weight but are influenced too much by the media's warped idea of what's attractive... (pencil thin, decrepit looking bodies.) The person with this disorder starves themselves, refusing to eat anything at all or only eating small amounts of "safe" low calorie foods. It is extremely harmful to their body and can result in death by starvation if not rectified.
-"Hereford High School 2009 graduate CAITLIN CLARKE suffered from anorexia nervosa in her senior year. She was way too skinny and looked unhealthy and malnoursished. She had to be taken to the hospital and treated so she wouldn't die."
by aSmartGuy08 May 24, 2010
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Anorexia Nervosa is a deadly disorder/ disease usually
people who really have anorexia nervosa have poor self esteem, similar personality traits, perfectionism in some aspect of their life and is influenced somewhat by pop culture (but not always). If untreated somebody with a serious case of Anorexia Nervosa can and will die.
It's not your choice, and in real cases it's usually a way of coping with somthing in your life/past ! It's hell to get out of. FULL recovery is non existant. Treatment requires cooperation and willingness to participate.
"I don't want to make cookies because the oil from the batter is going to seep through my skin and make me fat!"
"are you crazy? no it won't! that's absoloutely impossible"
"that's what you think fatty!"
*deep voice* anorexia nervosa
by blacklikemysoul? July 31, 2006
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1) Eating disorder, predominantly found in America, wherein an invidiual (usually female) whines about how fat they are and refuses to eat. Meanwhile, people down the block dig in the trash for three day old half-eaten food.
2) French black metal band.
1) "Somehow I can't feel sorry for an anorexic, you know? Rich cunt, don't wanna eat? Fuck her." -George Carlin

2) Did you hear the new Anorexia Nervosa CD?
by Superegomaniac May 10, 2006
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when a person feels not good enough and tends to avoid eating or not eat at all. it may come with low self-esteem. its hard to help, and the person can only save themselves.
daisy doesn't eat very much; she's afraid of getting fat. i think she has anorexia nervosa.
by kasiekrayohla April 29, 2007
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