have sex; get freaky; get your sex on; fuck... etc.

Sometimes you can get specific about things as well.. example: lets make chocolate chip cookies... meaning lets do it in the butt.
Girl: Lets go make cookies

Boy: Hell yeah. Lets go.
by ilikesugarcookies March 28, 2010
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having sex, or performing sexual acts. Can be used as a code to warn friends to not come into a room, visit, etc.
person 1: "hey, can i come down and hang out? i'm bored as hell."
person 2: "um, i don't know i'm kinda busy..."
person 1: "oh, whatcha doin'?"
person 2: "um..making cookies..."
person 1: "ahhhhh i see..."
by sweet-sale.com September 12, 2003
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This is the result of baby powder applied under the boobs on a hot day. The sweat mixes with the powder and the end product is a cookie-dough-like material.
"Damn girl...I shouldn't have put powder under my titties...it's hot and now I'm making cookie dough in my bra!"
by Sheila1313 August 6, 2008
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The Act Of Making A Choclate Cookie Dildo Out of Sperm and Brest Milk and using it in a sexual act
Yeah Fuck Bitches Make Cookies then has surpise buttsex with that Cookie
by Get2 May 24, 2012
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a phrase that means wasting your time. hence nobody would eat ass cookies so why would you make them.
You will never be an olympic champion, your just making ass cookies.
by KevintheMaster February 10, 2012
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A subtle and seemingly innocent way to ask someone to come round and engage in sexual activities. This is often used in group chats or in the presence of others or family.
The innocence of the phrase stops most from seeing the real meaning of the phrase unless expecting it.
Unfortunately cookies are often not made in these sessions
*in a group/group chat*
Hey ____ want to come over for a COOKIE MAKING SESSIONS later?

Yeah sure, that sounds fun
by ggij031 September 1, 2016