Gaelic for 'Little Champion'
Carlin means Little Champion in Gaelic
by Carlin February 5, 2006
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A sweetheart of a girl who can light up anyone's day with her jokes. Carlin may not be the most popular girl but is definitely the coolest. She's easy going, easy to talk to, funny, cute, incredibly smart and wise beyond her years. She's a little shy but insanely outgoing around her friends. She can make anyone laugh, knows how to treat a man right and loves cuddling. She genuinely cares about everyone and she loves everyone. If you get to really know her you'll realize she's deep, insecure and one of the most amazing friends you will ever make in your entire life. She'd make the most amazing girlfriend in the history of man-kind. She's also incredibly brave and isn't afraid to fight for what she believes in or wants. If you ever have the privilege to have her in your life don't take it for granted and never let go of her as a friend or anything else. She knows what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. She's a good listener and gives the best advice. She never judges or makes you feel like you're nothing. She has the most beautiful blue/green eyes you've ever seen and is the easiest person to love ever. She's pretty much every guy's dream girl and more. Incredibly rare down to earth troubled toddler and is just plain awesome. Words can't describe this woman.
Guy1: I need a girl who can always be there for me and really cares...

Guy2: Maaann get cho' self a Carlin!!
by Sunnyboy97 April 17, 2020
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A name for a boy, and a girl. Its gaelic for “little champion
Hi, Carlin.”
by lame amy February 16, 2018
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A dinosaur human-being, they tend to be incredibly funny and it is said to have a big head and little arms like a T-Rex. Carlins have the ability to be the life of a party, and turn frowns upside down. Though they have awesome personalities beware of when they're hungry, they can be vicious.
Jane: "Is that a dinosaur"
John: "Nah thats a hungry Carliny"
by AwesomeFun-Brain July 11, 2013
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.car-lin. He is the hottest boy in the world and has a great personality. He is a great friend and any girl deserves to have him, he will treat you like no other. a smokin hot, utterly handsome, pimpin, totally to drool for aussie guy One Gangster or pimp who holds authority over the 'mans' in the hood or area.
Usually feared by less superior homeboys.
If someone is refferred to as Carlin then they are thought as some a king of a hood.
"Ah shizz theres the Carlin."
by Rohan Hunt December 1, 2011
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A big-headed pretty boy who believes that he is perfect. Can often be found near large shiny objects called mirrors, adjusting his quiff. Has secret ability to disarm gaydars.
Joel: Hey you fix that gaydar?
Sarah: Nah I aint got rid of my Carlin
by Choadmiester March 20, 2009
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Amazing, strong, and smexy. A person named Carlin is usually funny, and a naturally good friend. And they love Alphabet soup. One day, Carlin went Aerph, Aerph, and Err. And what happened next was bizzare
"Oh my god Carlin, you're so aMaziNG!"
by ~pandadragon~ June 9, 2020
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