Someone who has too much money, and acts like a cunt
My friend Paul just bought a 2 million dollar house, and brags about stuff, he's a rich cunt
by Easy E, big up December 25, 2016
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A wealthy cock sucking prick who has nothing better to do then run it in your face and complain about how they couldn’t get something that costs more then their gay souls.
Rich faggot “Shut up I’m VWR angry today”

Broke dude “what could you possibly be angry about”

Rich faggot “i didn’t get my new i phone xR so I’m stuck with the X”

Other broke nigga “pulls out gun” Rattatatataaaaaa boom blekeket.

Broke dude “rob his ass grab his phone and mother”

Rich cunts is a word defining a person who is a snob and rubs their riches in your face
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