The way a person feels about his/her own body, whether good or bad, and the way he/she interprets others' opinions about his/her body and appearance. Also, how a person feels he/she ranks compared to others in regards to appearance.
Lisa's poor body image has kept her from putting on a swimsuit and joining us on the beach.
by marali April 6, 2006
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The one thing the person who loves you loves and the one thing you could be the most insecure about
Mary was really insecure about her body image
by mojo499 June 28, 2018
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Males often have negative body image, but women and girls get all the attention, so males are generally left in the dust and are more susceptible to self-hate because of this.
Did you hear that Sandra Fluke tried to disprove the theory that male body image is real too?
by YERGHETTO February 6, 2015
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