(informal) to begin or start eating
--I can't not stand Jim any more! He can't just leave before dinner starts!
--Stop being crazy. You know him. Dig in.
by blueberryaz August 8, 2011
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The action of pleasuring another individual's genital area, using the oral orifice.
Dig into me, Jericho.
by M15745H1F74 June 19, 2016
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Thomas ripped off his pants and said to Betty. "Dig in"
by Hitlersbitch April 7, 2016
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the funny man jack black (mario underground theme)
Jack: dig it dig it dig it
by i forgor. May 13, 2023
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Another way of saying that you like, love or crushing on someone.
“Oh man, I’m really digging that new girl, I wish I had the guts to talk to her.”
by MiniM0nk December 12, 2018
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home;place of residence
"my bro just moved into new digs across town."
by bmoc November 5, 2003
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I'm digging that saffron jacket you're wearing, man.
by lanneus February 18, 2005
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