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The world's greatest Thrash Metal band; Headed up by guitarist, songwriter, producer, Mastermind Jeff Waters Annihilator has been playing the most intense, masterfully crafted, 100% Pure Ass Kicking Metal ever concieved!!
Guy 1: Man my favorite band of all time is Iron Maiden; They make the most badass music ever!

Guy 2: Dude if you want to here a band even better than them, listen to Annihilator!
by Superschizo420 March 01, 2008
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"Man fuck Donald trump, he wants to build a wall and don't pay taxes!!"
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a totaly kick ass metal band with guitar playing that is only beatin by children of bodom's guitarest Alexi Laiho
(guy 1) I sure do love listening to soft pusssy ass bands like alien ant farm. (guy 2) WTF man, u should be listening to awsome stuff like annihilator or children of bodom.
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one fist in the vagina, and one fist in the asshole.... yes this is pretty uncommon but it sure will annihilate
Oh, your dating a whore tonite? make sure you use the annihilator

Man she was so loose i annihilated her
by Ryan November 20, 2003
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an annihilator is somebody who helps an innocent (normally freshers) into the annihilated state aka annihilation

1. yo steve look at that fresher whos about to fall over go buy her another snakebite

2.yo holly come here i wanna annihilate u with my traffic cone cock, were gonna be bangin like a barn door

3. girl 1:next time that ho tries to beat me in a dance off im gonna smash his balls into his lungs

girl 2: u crazy biatch you're such an annihilator
by E-blocka October 19, 2006
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