The best girl in the world.
typically a good girl for a guy named Brandon
Hay man hows that girl working out?.
Bloody awesome she is an Anne-Marie im a Brandon, made for each other
by bondy007 September 28, 2010
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One of the least intelligent people you will probably ever meet but she deeply cares about everyone she meets. She is too kind for her own good but is simultaneously a hypocrite. She is drop dead gorgeous but refuses to believe it. Care for her while she is in your life. Describing her in one word, boy-crazy .Her emotions are fleeting, make your time together last❤️
-I saw “Anne Mariethe other day
-oh how is she?

-oh you know, still not over that guy
-which one?
by Allieclaire February 16, 2020
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An Annemarie is one of the most independent girls in the world. Super smart and clumsy in the funniest type of way . When an Annemarie is around you just feel happy and protected. Annemarie’s are great to find not only should you never lose them but don’t let them lose you .
An Annemarie is someone you should never walk out on.
by Jpirtle April 04, 2019
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sweet, athletic, intelligent girl who loves to laugh. if youre lucky youll find an annemarie
"damn i found an annemarie, i must be lucky"
by mikehawk2222 September 13, 2017
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An Annemarie is an athletic, sensitive being who is multitalented. Even if an Annemarie may be short, they have tall expectations for the people they meet, and are usually slow to open up to others. They are well-rounded and focus on the arts and other ways to pass their time which people may find useless. An Annemarie can only dance when not instructed to, or else looks like Golem from Lord Of The Rings. If you tell her this she will probably beat you up or cry herself to sleep. Or both. People named Annemarie are terrible at listening to others if it doesn't involve her. But she is good at listening to drama and giving advice. Her favorite foods are bad memes and Mexican foods. She is allergic to awkward situations and sarcasm. An Annemarie will ultimately fall for any guy who can play the guitar or paint. Or both. If you know an Annemarie, you are lucky.
Is that an Annemarie?? Watch out!! She's a crazy one.
by alenboiy12783 March 04, 2017
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A badass but girly and a bit nerdy at times . She is probably short and will murder anyone who makes fun of her for it. She isn’t sensitive and honestly doesn’t give a shut about what u say about her Loves sports although she isn’t the best at them and has a gift for art . Her circle is small but she respects people who aren’t her friends. An Annemarie will tend to look for a guy who is charming and funny rather than one who has the best looks. She loves Harry Potter and listens to rap music . She hates when people call her cute but she knows she is on the inside. She doesn’t realize how pretty she actually is and constantly Denys it despite how many guys like her. Never make an Annemarie mad because she dosent lie when she says she will murder you. She loves cole sprouse and has a fetish for Draco malfoy . Don’t get offended by her sarcasam and she HATES guys that are immature .If you happen to stumble upon an Annemarie make sure to talk to her or even ask her out and she’ll make your world complete
woah look at that Annemarie ...... she’s gorgeous
by Daddy Gabriel January 01, 2018
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