Anica is the definition of perfect. She's a beautiful girl with an outstanding personality that everyone loves! She likes complimenting people, but won't accept compliments from others.. Everyone loves Anica!
Person 1 - Oh My God, that person is so perfect!
Person 2 - Just like Anica!
by Oreo Smith December 6, 2012
A girl who needs to believe in herself more and stand tall.
Anica has got it! Nothing can stop her!
by meh.jpeg December 4, 2017
A Cajun French name with the meaning "Grace of God." Can usually be traced back to old creole roots. Can be a male or females name.
Hey! There goes Anica!
by Jankydorito November 13, 2017
This girl is a very intelligent person. She's hot but very conservative. Every person would like an Anica because of her great personality.
Boy 1: She's so Anica.
Boy 2: How come?
Boy 1: Look she's got lots of people surrounding her.
by icaera March 21, 2009
Anica comes to your house to clean as she thinks that you do not do a good enough job. While she is there she also re-arranges things as well
by Hero of the world September 19, 2011
Anica is a person with a very large ego. She is also delusional and believes that she is both perfect and never wrong.

Having a conversation with Anica will show you immediately how large her ego is. She feels as if she is perfect and has zero flaws. You start out thinking it’s a joke but then you slowly realize she really thinks that way.

Don’t get into an argument with Anica because if you do you won’t win. Even if you’re clearly correct, Anica still thinks she’s right.

Anica is also very dangerous to be around. If you talk to her for too long you’re sure to absorb some of her personality traits.
Don’t end up like Anica”
by Ab_Intro December 7, 2021
ugly girl who feels like the prettiest, thinks she gets every boy but has not a single boy contact except through her friends. breaks off contact to you for guys they don't even like. thinks smoking and alcohol is cool. replaces you directly. starts arguing way too quickly about unnecessary things

you : nah i don’t want to drink alcohol anica/annika

anica/annika :damn are u a baby ? wtf
by jesikno November 22, 2021