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The most important year in British history. After the death of Edward the confessor, three aristocracy of europe claimed the throne. Harold II had already taken the throne. His first opposition came from Viking warlord Harald Hadraada. The viking army was defeated without much hassle. William, duke of Normandy then came from France to the south coast. Harold II ploughed his army onto William's without rest. They made good time, but were exhausted. William used simple but effective maneuveres to kill off many thousands of English. Harold died during the battle, and William became William the conquerer. All monarchs since have been of his lineage. Also, there have been over 50 attempts to invade britain since that point, all of which have failed.
1066 sparked the Bayeax tapestry and the doomsday book
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 25, 2004
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1) An entertainment superstore, specifically Hastings, which contains new and used books, CD's, movies and novelty T-shirts which are usually next to trashy party/board games. An additional feature which a 1066 may or may not contain is a self-serve, "complimentary" coffee kiosk at 25 cents a cup, though it is usually referred to as "free" because very few people actually pay for it. Different varieties of coffee are featured each day, the most notorious being "Jamaican Me Crazy". In small college towns with little variety such as Auburn Alabama, a 1066 often become a strange and degenerate cultural nexus.

2) A disappointment, in reference to the chain of entertainment super stores.
1) "There's nothing to do in this godforsaken shit hole, let's go to 1066."

2) "This place looked promising on the outside, but it's really just an extremely limited selection of things on masquerading as a tantalizing local dive. Classic 1066 man..."
by sabot1 August 09, 2009
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Sexual act in reference to the Battle of Hastings, where a man shoots his 'load' onto a girls' eye(s), similar to Harold getting shot in the eye during the battle.
(Prounounced - Ten-Sixty-Six)
Person A: Did you knob that girl last night?

Person B: Yeah, I 1066'd her.
by JP1803 April 05, 2006
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