28 definitions by Moses

The result when 'white' met 'bred'
I'm glad I'm not anglo-saxon...
by Moses July 14, 2004
Kroger Tard- Someone who works at the Kroger grocery store.
My friend Krug is a tard to begin with, now he works at Kroger and is a KT.
by Moses December 14, 2003
A chart used to define your political affiliation. Revolutionary and Liberal are on the left, conservative and reactionary on the right. Left and Right derive themselves from pre-Revolution France, where at royal functions, the king's officals, those who didn't want change, were on the right, while those who pushed for change were on the left. The Political Spectrum is something that must be done away with as soon as possible, because it causes incredible amounts of conflict over differences of opinion. If the spectrum was destroyed, along with the concepts of liberal and conservative, people would be forced to actually listen to the issues and form their own opinions, not just go with their group's stances.
F*ck the Political Spectrum. F*ck it up its stupid ass.
by Moses June 16, 2004
Came from Pete's experiences with his butthole and random sticks

= Sticking any objects in the hole of one's anus, like a butt plug
Pete uses bum sticks
by Moses June 6, 2004
A place in Sydney where all the goth and freak people live that just take drugs and have sex all day.
Fuck a freak in randwick
by Moses February 4, 2004
To fail to complete a surfing/skateboarding/snowboarding/biking, stunt, by crashing usually involving bodily harm.
Robby attempted a half air-to-air tick-tack fakey, but he got the willies mid-air, bailed out, and beefed on the quarter-pipe flat. His face was mush.
by Moses March 5, 2004
The time interval between when you awake in the morning and get in the shower.
Every morning when I wake up it is boner tyme.
by Moses November 24, 2003