It's spelt BRITAIN you ignorant,stupid YANKS!
yank: Britian is a douchebag country, ruled by gays.
Human: hmmm...he must be an American...
by eddywolf September 24, 2007
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by Simmo_m8 December 25, 2020
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the sweetest and most weird friend you will ever have she loves to draw on herself a lot. She also avoids doing work.
Person1: She is so sweet and weird,
Person2: She is probably a britian.
by marleysunshine April 7, 2021
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am,ara ill eat u !
courtney britian will soooon b a vampire on april 11th @ 12;00 A.M.
by whoo hoo (69) (: April 11, 2010
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A land of chavs and drunk people. Full of posh accents in London ,however up in mid Britain we common chavs yeah.
American: Britian is soooo fancy
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