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It's spelt BRITAIN you ignorant,stupid YANKS!
yank: Britian is a douchebag country, ruled by gays.
Human: hmmm...he must be an American...
by eddywolf September 24, 2007
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A country that put my country, "Das Land von Deutschland" into recession for no god damn reason (just like France). Blaming my people for World War 1. They did not even have anything to do with the problem that some part of Austria-Hungary wanted to break off for some stupid reason. if the stupid black hand didn't kill the arch duke,"Franz Ferinand' there probably wouldn't have been a World War 1 or 2. But no. Annoying accents. smells like shit and also looks like it. Mean people, also they have some stupid laws und was nicht. Bad flag obessed; with football. Made my people pay for all damages for World War 1. They also have some bad leaders like churchill. Allied with france for no reason. Wanted harsh punishments for country when they did not do anything wrong in the first place. They are and still are a major threat to my country,"Germany". the people are just as mean,stupid, and annoying as they are in France. Basically, one of the worst countrys in Europe. They also drive on the other side of the car and road. are those stupid jackasses trying to kill people by creating an accident. They have a bad flag and mena stupid people. They are not smart people, very rude and a major threat to thy people the GERMANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jerks,smells,shit,rude people, double jerks, dumb stupid Britian!!!!!!!!!!!!
by tegrgfdggds March 07, 2009
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