A guy with a massive horse penis which he can literally pull any girl he wants
Lily: “that guy is so Ando
Sam: “I know right
by Trackhoe May 6, 2020
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What a girl really wants. Such a kind, caring, brawny, and masculine example of man
That guy is so Ando! He's the bees knees!
by Web dictionary 1 February 5, 2010
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Fine strain of marijunana
by craig July 16, 2004
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Universal word for awesome; lame; group of people that went to Japan.
That guy is so rombah ando ya!
by andowear July 11, 2010
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The ultimate Korean gance* partner.

*guy on guy dance
Hory cow! That guy is so Ando! Assa!!
by Weva. March 12, 2017
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