Hory (pronounced like whorey) means very rugged or ruthless, and often very Maori, and sometimes very Polynesian (not in a good way). This has a similar meaning to feral, mongrel and perhaps hillbilly. It is mostly used in New Zealand and Australia (as there are many hories there). This word may have Maori (native NZer) roots.
Man those are some hory shoes! (the shoes are covered in mud and falling apart)
Dude that is some hory weed! (the weed comes from the great outdoors and was left to grow wild, often has many stalks)
That guy is hory as fuck! (the guy was trying to bang some really ugly lady)
That chick is hory as! (the lady is drunk, a croaky voice, smokes cigs, perhaps maori, poly, or white trash and trying to bum a ciggie off some cute guys)
That's a hory ride! (the ride is probs from before the mid 90's and has heaps of rust and random paint spots etc, cut suspension springs, home made tinted windows)
by Dracovenaticum December 06, 2013
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To rest or lay down aka on the horizontal
Pete's wife constantly complained that he was on the hori, and not replenishing the hummingbird feeders.
by Battyguy July 19, 2013
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A word used to discribe the New Zealand equivalent to trailer trash. Horis generally come from areas such as South Auckland and Otara.
These people are so cheap they steal stuff from the Warehouse
fuckn ub3r hori stylez bo.

your ub3r hori with micro uzi bo.

horima + horius in a new car = stolen car with the pigs behind them, chasing them in the streets of otara, comming to my house, but i will get my m4 and m203 them wen they get here, then i will steal their jandles
by Plasma October 29, 2003
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Derogatory term for a Maori which has many meanings such as poor, filthy, underclass, rugged etc.

However the term hori has become somewhat acceptable between certain youth these days and is now used in more of a positive way in greeting one another instead of using it as a direspective way.
Maori1: Sup my hori what chu been up to kuzzy?
Maori2: Nafing aye just getting wasted bout u bro
Maori1: yeah nah same aye
Pakeha: Gosh you have a filthy mouth you bloody hori
Maori2: what stuff you lady wanna hiding
by jawmalawm24 March 21, 2008
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Anyone who eats the pork-bones straight from the pot, particularly with their fingers. Also someone who wears no footwear to the shops though jandals are sometimes permissable. Female Horis may wear fluffy slippers to the supermarket.
Chloe of Wainuiomata, although a blonde is indeed a Hori.
by Macsen Wledig January 03, 2005
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The New Zealand equivalent to "ghetto". These folks spend their time partying, robbing their local dairy and you'll usually catch a glimpse of them on police ten 7. Kia Ora whanuk.
"Eh upto G"
"Not much aye, just raxxed these fresh jandacks"
"Ow those are hori as"
by shana bae August 19, 2018
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