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Hory (pronounced like whorey) means very rugged or ruthless, and often very Maori, and sometimes very Polynesian (not in a good way). This has a similar meaning to feral, mongrel and perhaps hillbilly. It is mostly used in New Zealand and Australia (as there are many hories there). This word may have Maori (native NZer) roots.
Man those are some hory shoes! (the shoes are covered in mud and falling apart)
Dude that is some hory weed! (the weed comes from the great outdoors and was left to grow wild, often has many stalks)
That guy is hory as fuck! (the guy was trying to bang some really ugly lady)
That chick is hory as! (the lady is drunk, a croaky voice, smokes cigs, perhaps maori, poly, or white trash and trying to bum a ciggie off some cute guys)
That's a hory ride! (the ride is probs from before the mid 90's and has heaps of rust and random paint spots etc, cut suspension springs, home made tinted windows)
by Dracovenaticum December 06, 2013
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