A description of someone's overly large or frighteningly above average penis. It is in relation to a horses penis.
Jessipher Bagelnuts has a horse penis

Hows that horse penis Jessipher?

Jessiphers horse penis
by jjojo May 16, 2005
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The greatest thing to ever conjoin with my anus. It spread me like an eagle's wings and filled me like a jelly doughnut. When it entered my mouth, it slid down my throat like a slip n' slide and thrusted at the speed of sound. When the horse was done, I looked like a pregnant woman that ate expired mayonnaise. After a few minutes, I decided it was my turn. I angled it just right and pushed back and forth until my mayo filled the horse. Soon after, the horse pushed me down and fucked my asshole until it hit my colon. It was so deep I cried with joy. After the experience of a lifetime, I cried to the feeling of no horse penis. With 1,949 dollar, I bought a 208 foot horse penis dildo, opened the miracle, and went for the horse ride of a lifetime. It made my penis spring with joy and made me go for round two with the horse.
by HorseLover 69 December 3, 2022
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A simple form of greeting used between 2 men or a man to a woman. can also be used as an ice breaker.
1. man 1- good day sir
man 2- and a floppy horse penis to you too sir.

2. man- *grabs womans boob*
woman- and a flopppy horse penis to you too sir

3. so how about that floppy horse penis today?
by mattbrandyjay February 22, 2009
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A man with the dick the size of a small elephant, usually tries to brag, and man has yet to create a condom to fit the summer sausage.
Tony: Dude did you fuck her??

Sam: Well kinda...

Tony: What do you mean?

Sam: Well, first the X-L condom only went half way down my cock, then.. My dick was just to big to fit.

Tony: Bull shit.

Harold- man i was playin with myself and realized.. ive got a penis like decker! Deckers horse penis is huge
by afi GR October 19, 2010
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When i was watching porn i saw this black dude with like a 4 foot dick and it wasn't even hard. this girl tried to suck it and she could only fit the head in her mouth. I call him race horse penis man
girl-I tried to fuck him but only the head fit. that's why he is race horse penis man
by Juliah Harold December 13, 2007
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