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To take a dump from a standing position on the toilet into the toilet bowl similar to that of a ship dropping anchor in the open sea. The Anchor Drop is performed by removing one's shoes, socks, pants and underwear. Once disrobed, straddle the toilet bowl (lid up) by placing the feet on each side of the bowl. Align the asshole over the center of the toilet bowl and crouch slightly. Commence release of the bowels and watch the anchor fall into the water below. The bigger the turd the bigger the splash. Warning: The ankles and feet may get wet while performing this activity and loose stool is not recommended. Wiping the ass and leaving the turd for others to see are optional.
Frank, Roger and Carl went to the school locker room and lined up in the stalls for a simultaneous Anchor Drop. While they were hoping to synchronize their squeezes, they all dropped a deuce at varying moments and sounded like three kids jumping in splash pool. They left their works for the janitor.
by Ben Dribblin April 09, 2015
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