Imagine yourself as a boat and the harbor is a toilet. When boats enter the harbor, what do they do? They drop anchor.

Dude 1: Yo
Dude 2: 'sup? Hey, let me call you back. I'm about to drop anchor.
by RoRiver May 6, 2010
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to defecate, usually after holding it
I can't wait 'til the bell rings so I can hit the gents and drop anchor.
by Herb N. Dictionary October 20, 2002
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After several males have released the "Dirty Sailor" upon the fat folds of an extreme female, resulting in a mixture of bukkake resevoir. One seamen of the ships crew will straddle the whale - lowering his filthy balls into the milky belly button lake. This must always be followed up by the "Barnicle Cleaner"
After dousing Rikki Lakes fat folds in a boiling hot load of man mixture - Captain MikeC prepared to "Drop Anchor" into "Bukkake Resevoir" while the other Seaman cheered in glee.
by Mike - Mike - Ryan January 3, 2006
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When you hit the back of the vagina with your penis.
Lenny went so deep last night that he dropped anchor.
by Kong Dong 69 September 13, 2020
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taking a dump, particularly a high-fiber one that causes an audible 'plop' upon casting. Sometimes you'll find yourself frosting the bowl upon flushing a particularly impressive iceberg dump.
Dude, I hope this point ends soon cause I gotta drop anchor.
by Amanda Hugginkiss December 16, 2003
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v. To relieve oneself of feces in a violent or obscene manner.
"I was hitting the sauce hard last night and housing baked beans. When I woke up in the morning I felt the urgent need to drop anchor. The shite dropped out of my turd-cutter like a sack of potatoes and I felt like I nearly blew out my o-ring."
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To have a baby in another country in order to gain citizenship or residency benefits, hasten access to social or government assistance programs, or to facilitate chain migration.
Carlos and his very pregnant wife Maria had to hurry across the U.S. border so that Maria could drop anchor.

Try as they might, the Border Patrol wasn't able to get the pregnant illegal immigrant back to Mexico before she dropped anchor in their truck.

by For Whom the Bell Trolls October 20, 2007
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