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jacking in the shower or anywhere submersed in water
I was rinsing off and this vision of this walnut ass leapt into my brain so I had to wax the dolphin,
by Amanda Hugginkiss December 24, 2003

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taking a dump, particularly a high-fiber one that causes an audible 'plop' upon casting. Sometimes you'll find yourself frosting the bowl upon flushing a particularly impressive iceberg dump.
Dude, I hope this point ends soon cause I gotta drop anchor.
by Amanda Hugginkiss December 16, 2003

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v. generally limited to non-commercial/industrial strength toilets: when, after dropping anchor you flush, your deposit smears all over the side of the bowl on the way down. The weak-ass water pressure is unable to 'lick' the bowl clean.
I took this iceberg dump and, like, totally frosted the bowl when I flushed.
by Amanda Hugginkiss December 16, 2003

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A massive poo that often results in frosting the bowl when flushing on later model residential toilets. To truly be defined as an iceberg dump, at least 10% of the poo must rise above the surface of the water. General limited to peeps w/ high fiber diets, an audible "YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!" often accompanies the iceberg dump.
Dude, I was dropping anchor and due to it's massive size, this iceberg dump was broken in half upon flushing and it totally frosted the bowl!
by Amanda Hugginkiss December 16, 2003

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A rule having a short, sometimes sliding, perpendicular crosspiece at one end, used by drafters for establishing and drawing parallel lines.
1. I used the T-Square to mark a straight cut on that 2x4

2. Bobby jammed his T-Square up Joey's ass
by Amanda Hugginkiss May 28, 2004

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term used in LOTF
"Bollocks to the signal fire!" says Piggy.
by amanda hugginkiss January 17, 2004

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(1) n. the first noise to come out of someone rudely awaken from a deep and/or drunken sleep.
(2) v. to drink into unconsciousness.
(3) n. what drunken conversation fades into as you start to pass out.
(4) syn. for 'yadda yadda', used to finish an incomplete thought in conversation.
(1) dude1 smacking dude2: "Dude wake up!"
dude2 mouth agape in deep slumber: "shmeh, shmehmeh, shmeh, huh?"
(2) "I went out last night, drank many captain&coke's and got all shmeh".
(3) "you are the most wicked hottest girl...eyes drooping, voice fading..so pretty...shmeh" narrator passes out
(4) "so then he got off, threw me a towel,... and shmeh"
by Amanda Hugginkiss December 09, 2003

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