In reference to a good looking female of mating age. Can also be used to refer to a females' vagina.
Damn, she's one hot pussy.
by br1ght October 12, 2005
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1. A female with a nice physique beautiful face, derriere, legs, tits, the whole nine yards.
2. The total package.
3. A female who takes good care of her health.
Hey, Mike did you se that women Veronica walking down the street on 3rd and Broadway. Mike, that is some hot pussy.
by Omar Hacallar August 19, 2005
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hot pussy is pussy that is hot, has been heated up somehow (with a heating element or an oven)
boy, that' pussy is so hot, it's a hot pussy!
that was a cold pussy, now it's a hot pussy, becasue it's significantly warmer in temperature!
i have a hot pussy and this is due to the fact that i have warmed up my pussy before i brought it over
by wallis & futuna islands October 25, 2004
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The time period from the start of spring break until the end of the summer. When girls are wearing less and shacking more.
Hey Tony, we gotta hit the gym to get ready for hot pussy season.
by Houseofdads February 2, 2018
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A slang term for squirting as used in the movie The Wedding Ringer
Damn, her red hot pussy seltzer tasted like bacon in the morning
by Chad666 January 19, 2016
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