Something that white dudes enjoy shoving various obejects in and out of when they get together in groups. They call it "hazing" or "palling around". Everyone else calls it "gay".
Tyler: Hey bro! Get the guys together this Saturday. Anal cavity time!
Bryson: Yea, Bro! Saturday is for the boys!
by analbeads4ever July 31, 2020
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I asked Ben how many fingers he could fit up his anal cavity.
by imaprettycoolbrunette February 10, 2005
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The anal cavity is what legendary internet superstar prankster Tyrone Biggums would teabag.
Imma teabag your anal cavity.
by Delicious_Cake June 10, 2009
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the area inside the anus.
specifically the final run of the colon or small intestine.
passage commonly used by arse pirates and butt monkeys alike.
"help me doctor your forceps are stuck in my anal cavity"
by ulises May 23, 2004
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The cavities you get in your teeth from eating too much ass hole.
Your teeth rot out of your mouth because you've been eating too much ass hole. "Yo James, did you hear Mary got an anal cavity, I heard all of her teeth fell out of her mouth after her anal feast."
by Anal Rippler August 27, 2013
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The awesome crevice right outside of a girls anus. Caused when the pants are really wedged up there....
"wow her pants were up there pretty far, I could see her anal cavity as well as her camel toe"
by Jason December 29, 2005
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What airport security officers do to you if you blink wrong.

Imagine a group of people putting gloves on and taking turns shoving it really far up your ass.
Airport cop: Name?

b: {very arabic name}

Airport cop: Come with me, please.

b: God dammit, it's an anal cavity search, isn't it?

Airport cop: Don't worry, we're only violating a COUPLE of your rights..

*glove snaps*
by Name removed by the NSA January 3, 2014
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