Proof that American Civilization's weakness is that it can't spell to save its life.
by aleclair March 04, 2006
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A chinese person who is very westernised. They are Yellow on the outside but white on the inside.
Mrs Lee called me a Bananna!
by Kammi April 16, 2005
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A stupid little piss goblin which no one likes. An absolute fucking cuck beta male. No one likes a Banannaical and for good reason.
God you are such a Banannaical.
by GoblinHaum October 08, 2020
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Large flaps of brown meat well hidden behind a shrubbery..often smelling of bad cod..
In the north..we tend to keep our BanAnnas in the woods to ward off evil spirits..
by Roewabok February 14, 2018
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crazzyyyy c0o ass hell..wild.
yo i was at that party yesturday, dat shit was banannas!!
by Beba March 25, 2005
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