The most incredible person in existence who lights up any midnight sky and any room she enters. Someone who fills the large heart of a young man who couldn’t wish for anything better and sees her as an absolute angel and a goddess. She makes his life amazing and has the ability to change him and that she has done. She has changed him into a confident young man who loves her for all eternity and wants nothing more. The boy doesn’t see anyone else he wants to spend the rest of his life with other than her because the way she treats him and her looks and personality is something he will cherish until the day he dies and wishes never to lose. He loves Ana with all his heart as she does so for him.
Ana’s amazing
by Oli.C July 19, 2019
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A beautiful girl, she's never sure of what she wants hates commitments. There isint a person in the world that doesn't enjoy talking to her. Guys are the main thing In her life, she gets attached easily but can get over a guy in a few weeks. She doesn't like having an "owner" she flies her own way.
Her smile can brighten your day anytime, she is always laughing, and is easily pleased. She always wants what she can't get. She has big expectations, and always expects the unexpected.
by 3212 September 16, 2009
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a short girl.. very cute.. amazing at soccer.. hispanic.. amazing at riding.. cool.. can be wierd.. acts like a McNugget at times but you still love her
bob:my girl is ana
bill: your soooo lucky !!!!!!
by LoCo Beaner July 08, 2011
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A girl who has been though a lot of things she has lots of friends maybe hates some of them but doesn’t say it. Keeps close to very few friends she is a great listener she is kind to most people she can be very shy well she looks and seems happy all the time she is very depressed and tired she is self conscious about herself wonders if she is good enough she also thinks negatively and think that if she died no one would miss her she says she is always ok but really she is breaking down in her head and longs for some one to talk to she hates being alone
Ana a very lonely person pls like this if you want a second one
by Depresseddoughnut21 May 19, 2019
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A amazing person who always believes in her self and always is there for that one person needing help she always is a hero and always helps every single person in this wonderful world
Mum can I go to Ana's house today?
by Amiee is awesome January 23, 2018
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Ana is a great girl, she has a great ass and she is so beutiful but don’t deal with her she tends to be a little bit rude. She has a very beautiful smile and great humor, she love animals and also to study. She like a lot of sports and practice them a lot. She is too cute and short but has a great heart.. Sometimes it's a little sarcastic and like to joke a lot. Her laughter can sometimes be very scandalous but it is catchy. If you have an Ana in your life, appreciate it because they are difficult to achieve.
You would like to be Ana
Ana is so sexy and cute
by Clair James September 27, 2018
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A gorgeous sweet person who cares a lot about her friends and family. Don't get on her bad side because she will turn into a Psycho demon in the matter of seconds. She would try to do everything she can to make her friends and family happy. Her smile could light up anyone's day. She is always laughing at something. She tries to always stay positive and block the negativity out. She is great in bed. She is a short person. She likes to make jokes and have a good time.
Person#1: Hey best friend I need your help.
Person#2 Ana: what do you need help with...I'm here.
by Real.life.Barbie.Doll March 14, 2017
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