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This is the epitome of the perfect girl. Every moment you spend with her will remain etched in your memory. You will have a great day just by saying hello to her! x) She's a friend of gold on who you can always count on. She is always there if you are in need and will every time ascend your moral! She puts heart into her work and gives it completely! She believe sometimes that she won't happen to achieve its goal, but it is only because she forgets that she is talented and smart! She's a totally charming, beautiful and amazing woman. But be careful not to manhandle her feelings and treat her like a princess! Must bring her love and not lie to her! If you ever have the chance to have Ana as a friend, you can be sure she will bring you happiness and joy in your life!
person1: I have a friend unbelievable, she's really perfect, guess her name!
person2: Ana!
by Little sister September 16, 2012

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the hardest rocking band this side of jupiter! you know it man.. fronted by the sexiest man since mick jagger (see dolf de datsun)
The Datsuns RAWK!
by little sister February 19, 2004

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