are the most gorgeous girls EVER. attractive eyes, adorable face, and smackable ass. very fun to hang out with, is always up for partying or adventuring, or is also there when you need a shoulder to cry on. see's things positively in any situation, and is the cutest little lady you could dream of. loves and keeps all her boyfriends and friends close. don't lose this amazing girl!! :D
Person 1: "who's that cutie surrounded by all those girls?"
Person 2: "dunno, must be an ana!"
by anasbff May 09, 2011
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A beautiful girl with strong power over guys. She know what she has and know how to use it. Usally she has a rocking body; smackable ass. She has a beautiful smile who can make anyone fall for her. There is no one that dosen't enjoy talking to her. She always want what she can't get. She is the most wonderfull person in the whole world she is an amzing friend! DON'T LOSE HER!
guy: wow who is that!
guy 2 : Idk but she must be an Ana
by anonyme 12345 October 04, 2014
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A nice looking girl who is very intelligent! She's sweet, caring and a fun person.
Everybody wants to be her friend
by xgirliex July 20, 2009
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the most gorgeous girl you will ever meet. intelligent, funny,kind,amazing at sports. every guy wants her and she knows what she wants. Every girl wants to be her friend
by xxxxyyy January 03, 2017
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He is smart, mature, and very religious. Believes in doing good to people, and always tries to understand their side of the situation. He has an amazing dressing sense and his looks are a cherry on the top. Even though a lot of girls have a crush on him, his heart truly belongs to this one girl.
I wanna be like anas.
He understands my situation so well, just like Anas.
by smartchic1899 September 20, 2019
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The most beautiful girl anyone could ever meet. She's the girl your boyfriend wants, and the one your girlfriend hates. She's very indecisive but she often speaks her mind. there aren't many important people in her life but she does cherish the one that are. Stupid people hate her, amazing people friend her.
Person 1: See the stupid person?
Person 2: What about her?
Person 1: She's my gf and he hates Ana cuz i want her
Person 2: Who doesn't want her?! She's beautiful
by rosirto November 08, 2010
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a gorgeous girl who posesses natural beauty and always takes care of her looks.
Jonathan1: Woooow who was that?!
Jonathan2: Ana just passed by!! :o
by Sunny Honey January 06, 2010
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