Is a guy who lives in Melbourne, Australia, who is knowen for his EXTREME love of orange
guy talking to friend: Do you know orange?
friend: Yeah, he is pretty cool
by MR Egnaro April 30, 2010
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1. A bold color, a cross between yellow and red.
2. A spherical citrus fruit of this color.

1. of or relating to the color orange
2. of or relating to the flavor of the orange fruit.

1. A word you'll never see at the end of a line of a rhyming poem.
2. Punchline of a grade school knock-knock joke.

The plural form is "oranges," which is also a sweet poem about a first date by the author Gary Soto.
Orange soda doesn't taste like oranges, but at least it's the right color.

...Orange you glad I didn't say banana?
by Lady Chevalier April 09, 2004
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The colour people become when they try to get a fake tan
I've turned orange!
by thetree December 11, 2003
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the colour of the reddit upvote button
Johnny: the upvote button is red
Don: no, its orange
Joe: lets settle with it being orangered
by jay-fandoms March 07, 2019
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