The color of the envelope at the top that lets you know someone has replied to your comment, on reddit. "Orangered" can also be used to refer to the envelope, or to the replies themselves.
"Thanks for the orangereds!"
by fmota February 6, 2010
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the colour of the reddit upvote button
Johnny: the upvote button is red
Don: no, its orange
Joe: lets settle with it being orangered
by jay-fandoms March 7, 2019
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Orang is Meme Man's arch rival and is an antagonist in many Surreal Memes. He is also sometimes known as a companion or even servant to Meme Man. Orang is sometimes a trickster, being absolutely untrustworthy in certain circumstances. He is also shown to have a T H I C C bottom, which is to be feared at all times.
Mere mortal: who be orang
Orang: I be orang
by OrangTheTrueGod February 7, 2018
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A popular surreal meme character who is made out of pure evil. Sworn enemy of meme man. It is unknown which dimension he is from. DO NOT TRUST AT ALL COSTS. His ultimate goal is to take over all of the dimensions.

Orang: "Ǐ̴̠̲̙̞͂͌' ̠̥͔͑͘̚͠m̶̭̬͕̣̓̀̀́͆ ̤̤͛̒̎b̶͙̖̥̂a ̞̺͛͆̏͑͒c ̹͕̃͗c ̟̒͒̌"
by slinkypotatopizza December 11, 2018
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Normal person: Why r u so orange?
Trump: I’m tremendous, my orange skin is tremendous.
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