nat: ill give you £10 if you tell me something that rhymes with orange

troy: ok door hinge

nat: oh shit, here you go
by troymusefan April 25, 2007
This mythical word (or two words if you prefer) actually rhymes with "orange"
Deal with it
I'm going to get eat an orange when I finish fixing this door hinge...
by sombrero stan December 13, 2005
something that doesn't rhyme with orange. Notice the difference between -ange and -inge. Orange does not rhyme with door hinge. GET USED TO IT!!!
door hinge is two words.
It is a part on a door.
by mr.Brown September 4, 2006
(n). Door Hinge not to be confused with the word that rhymes with ‘orange’

A door hinge is usually a male who hasn’t yet broken their voice. When they speak, the people around them immediately seek shelter as they wish to retain their eardrums. A door hinge’s voice is relatively higher pitch than most other sounds frequencies audible to mankind. The sound that comes out of a doorhinge’s mouth is comparable to the ‘squeak’ of an unlubricated hinge of a door. You cannot call yourself a door hinge, instead it must be given to you buy your peers.
“That 13 year old near is a total door hinge
“I can’t wait for puberty so I can no longer be a door hinge”
by PandaNecrophillia August 9, 2017
The only word that rhymes with orange.
purple skies, young man dies
skies are blue, old man says true
when they go red, your mom gives me head
then they go orange, and your a fucking door hinge.
(William Shankspear, "Taming of the Jew" Act Vi Sc i(6-66) )
by Fleter March 12, 2008
Metaphor for one of two things.
The door was mysteriously off the door hinges at kurts, that was odd.
by PineappleJuice May 31, 2015
A person with a Door-hinge brain is someone with a very low IQ, someone who is dumb to the point of being a laughing matter. The term comes from the fact that their brain is probably stuck to their skull using door-hinges, duct tape and nails.
Person 1 : "Dude he just ran face-first into a pole"
Person 2: "What a Door-hinge brain"
by Peafowl May 29, 2020