The colour which vain assholes turn after a session in the tanning salon; Often confused with Hepatitis.
"Hey, nice tan... in the middle of winter, you sick fucking pumpkin monster."
by LORD HELL FEAR BLOOD March 18, 2003
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The only fruit ever whose color is the same as its name.
An orange is orange.
by hackedyou3times April 11, 2006
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The color of the envelope at the top that lets you know someone has replied to your comment, on reddit. "Orangered" can also be used to refer to the envelope, or to the replies themselves.
"Thanks for the orangereds!"
by fmota February 6, 2010
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An even more badass fruit than the apple. Eat an orange and your dick will grow 4 INCHES. It would beat the shit out of an apple any day.
Look at that badass orand beating the shit out of that apple.

by ThePubert October 5, 2017
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It's the opposite of an apple
Not to be political or anything, but what the fuck is an orange?
by gayishomo January 23, 2019
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